(We're Not Really Worth Seeing, But Maybe Someone Is Selling Records)

December 20th 6:30 @ The Roots 4577 Valley Blvd, Los Angeles, 90032 with Coaccion (Ex Discordia), Massakro (Ex Discordia), Holokaust, Kontraklasse, Worhorse, Decontroll $4

November 22nd 8:00 @ The Muse in North Park with Waco Fuck and Letalis Imperium, free cos were not Sk8 or Die

Shows That Have Already Happened

October 12th 1:00 @ 480 Park Way, Chula Vista, 91910 with Waco Fuck and other bands that probably suck

August 24th 3:00 @ Ben's House with Detrimental Greed, Waco Fuck and Chaotic Mess

July 18th 7:00 @ M3 Cafe by the Home Depot off College and Vista Way with Waco Fuck, Crime Desire (ex Dx), and Brocas Aphasia (grind from San Diego) Free cos we love you

July 14th 3:00 @ Ben's House with No Policy and Waco Fuck (just kidding, they didn't play)

July 5th 3:00 @ Ben's House with Waco Fuck, (No Policy and Crutch were supposed to play but didn't)

May 30th @ Che Cafe with Please Mr. Grave Digger, the Survivors, XSexDrugsandRocknRollX, and Charge. $5

April 11th 3:00 pm @ Ben's House with Disreantiyouthhellchristbastardassmanx, Death to W, Waco Fuck, Unamed Esco Band, and Danny Tanner

February 21st @ Tahitian Bytes 508 Mission Ave, Oceanside with No Policy, 1992 (MIA), Dierobotscumgirl, and of course Waco Fuck. Free cos were straight up g's like that

November 24th @ Vista Entertainment Center with Waco Fuck and Raw Tofu (originally Pacifist Product and Dead Banana Ladies were supposed to play but obviously they were too frightened to play in such close proximity to Oceanside)