(Maybe I Should Just Get A Live Journal) 

September 11th
Actually I think the m3 still has shows but they got scared and lied to us, whatever. So we're supposed to be playing at some grindcore show on October 11th in East Los and at some point in October at the Muse. I don't know, all i know is fuck buildings. 
August 23rd
The M3 can't have shows anymore. I think were going to play at the Muse sometime in October. I don't really know. Furthermore, be sure and go see 45 Minutes of Terror, they're from Oceanside and they sound like Larm. 
July 19th
So like usual more kids have said they wanted us to play shows that which undoubtedly fall through, so I'm gonna stop bothering mentioning that shit. Wow, we sucked at Ben's house and we sucked worse last night. why do we even bother practicing? Oh, and mad props to whoever brought that dumb drunk little slag who passed out in front of home depot, you're all fucking morons. 
July 6th
So the show today got canceled, cos i guess some kid got stabbed to death and now the place doesn't want to have shows no more. Just as well it's hot and Mike's van, which we were planning on going in, is dead. No Policy broke down on tour and couldn't make it to the show yesterday and Crutch didn't want to play their last show without them, so it was a lot more like practice, well a really violent practice. Anyways i had fun. 
June 25th
So were playing at this place over by Home Depot off College and Vista Way right by the 78. You should all come cos it's free cos we appriciate you more then to play at some stupid overpriced place. Wait no we don't, and you are all a bunch of stupid shitheads, so stay at home, or maybe you can go pay like $25 to go see the Blood Brothers at the Scene. Ta
June 23rd 
So just a couple things to say. If we haven't mentioned it before, the Vista Entertainment Center really is a terrible place to play, not too hard to sneak into though. Too many things wrong with it to even make it worth booking shows there, so if you want to see us, okay let me rephrase that, if you want to see Waco Fuck, hook up the house shows. We are playing with the Rotting Stiffs, who are a wonderful band who you should all see if they ever come down here, on July 6th in La Puente. It also should be said that Ben is going to be playing with us from now on. Everyone who didn't see the show last Thursday in Esco totally missed out, Pretty Little Flower, Reason of Insanity, and Crime Desire were all terrific. Also unfortunately I've been hearing that this may be the end of Crutch which is a real shame. So if i were you I'd get my lazy ass over here  and download what songs they have recorded while you still have a chance. 
June 16th 
Well I thought the show at the Che went pretty good, and I'm sure well never ever play there again. We are also changing our name to Skinhead Rampage on account of Kane. We probably won't be playing anywhere anytime soon, but in a couple months or so were working on setting up a big show at the YMCA in Esco with possibly Armistice, Detrimental Greed, Phobia, No Policy, Crutch, Waco Fuck, and a shit load of other bands. That and we might be playing a house show in August with They Live, Robot Has Werewolf Hands and the Gatecrashers, this is all very tentative and probably won't happen, cos you know how we do it. Anyways, just go see Pretty Little Flower, Reason of Insanity, Crutch, Alpha Males and a couple other bands at Del Dios Country Store 20154 Lake Drive Escondido, CA 92027 and Waco Fuck on the 22nd at the Vista Entertainment Center. Also I felt it was worth mentioning that Tahitian Bytes was shut down before stupid ass Sk8 or Die could play, so a nice big Fuck Off to them and stay the fuck out of Oceanside

May 11th
Nothing really, some minor updates. What the did you expect anyhow? Honestly who would even bother looking at this and why haven't they been rounded up and put in a work camp yet?
May 2nd
No updates in a long time, I got kicked in the nuts at the show at Ben's house. Other then that a couple shows towards the end of May. Maybe some shit in June with Armistice and D Greed but who knows. Fuck all yell motherfuckers. 
March 4th
Nothing other then to say that all of you broke ass motherfuckers should go get the new Disreantiyouthhellchristbastardassmanx 7".
February 26th
Okay so this is definitely do for some updating, I just got home for the first time for like 2 weeks. So we can now add that coffee shop to places that will probably never have shows again due to us. If you weren't there, well it was tough, and Kenneth busted his lip open or some shit and blood went all over. Linda taped the show so maybe if your nice I'll let you see the video, but more likely I'll remind you what an incredibly stupid person you are and how we'd all be better off if you were dragged into the street and beaten to death. 
February 13th
Well I finally got the address to the place the shows at. We might play again with No Policy sometime in March. So what, I don't have any real updates, fuck you. 
February 5th
The following note has been brought to my attention:

"hey david, if you are reading this, i just wanted to let you know that i miss you terribly. i want you to be mi hombre. i miss your sweet lovin. please come back to the riverside where there is no river and lay in my garage and tell my parents they smell like shit, or something, again! im so horny for you! i love you, truck! love, always, brandon (buckingham)"

February 3rd
Okay the shit in Tustin got cancelled. If in the next couple of days someone finds a place that will let us play then it's back on, but doesn't look like its happening. Just go see No Policy, Breakfast, and Shank at the Che Cafe instead. So fuck Orange County, were playing the 21st at some coffee place but no one seems to be able to know where the fuck it is. More shit should be coming up as well at the Vista Entertainment Center and some shit hole in San Marcos. Since I'm all up on Waco Fuck's nuts I'm going to put some shit up on here for them so they too can be another band with stupid pictures and merchandise on the internet. 
January 18th
Alright we recorded the bass and the guitar for a couple songs, most of the day was spent borrowing equipment and swearing. It's late and I'm tired and I might be going to Arizona tomorrow. Sometime this week I will record the drum and the vocal tracks and then you can download them from here. Were not going to bother making tapes and wasting time and money mailing them, if you want to hear the songs: download them, if not: go stick your head in a bucket of gasoline and drop a match in. 
January 15th
Okay here's some actual news. I think were going to be playing a show in Tustin, that's OC yo, and possibly some FNB Benefit later. It depends on if we actually start practicing and get our shit down. Even if we do play I wouldn't recommend going to the show since you're obviously a complete pansy and we'd kill you. Cheers.
January 14th
I made this website cos frankly, it was much more entertaining than looking for work. At the moment Pat's arm is healing and soon he is gonna get that metal rod taken out and will be back to playing guitar again. If we can ever have a practice with everyone in attendance we might try and record something but as it would be doing you a huge disservice to you, we probably won't. Tank Rampage is only possible to experience in person, any possible recording would most likely be so tough that your tape deck would burst into flames and burn your fucking house down.