(We Know People)

Detrimental Greed (San Diego)    San Diego Crust along the lines of early State of Fear

Find Him and Kill Him (San Diego)    Hardcore Thrash

Waco Fuck (Oside)    Classic example of New York fight metal

Dead Banana Ladies (Los Angeles)    Now defunct Anarcho Punk band similar to Exit Stance

Raw Tofu (Orange County)    Anarcho Punk similar to the Poison Girls

Pacifist//Product (Corona)    Anarcho Punk with Dual Female Singers

No Policy (Esco)    Defenders of the fun

Crutch (Esco)    Defunct? awesome band from Escondido along the lines of Dystopia and Unruh

Resist And Exist (Los Angeles)     Long running peace punk band

Armistice (Wilmington)     great band that's been around forever

Fighting Chance (Baltimore)     class conscious street punk

Suburban Terror (Vista)     Street Punk/Cover Band but we love them anyhow

Agromosh Records (Esco)     Buy some goddamned Unholy Grave 7''s 

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